Speaking of transport, one of my spies has given me
inside info on this whole Enron scandal.

Andersen has been working with ADIC (Advanced Digital Information Corp.), Enron, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and lawyers to recover lost electronic documents. Andersen has a backup strategy that includes a "byte-level differential backup" of all employee laptops into a "data vault" whenever they touch the network. This corporate e-mail and memo police department is mysteriously called DREAD.  So Andersen can be expected to fully disclose, even if Enron employees are handy with the delete key.   Meanwhile, Andersen people still have a sense of humor.   The company needed to ship one of the ADIC units off-site for data restoration and packing materials were short.  The Andersen guy suggested there should be plenty of shredded paper around to do the job.

The lawyers in the room didn't find that as funny as I do.