This really happened in July 1988.

Holiday Thoughts on Iceland

Liz and I went on holiday to Iceland for two weeks in the summer of 1988. While there we climbed volcanoes, forded glacial rivers in bare feet, bathed in a hot spring fed river with mountains all around as well as quite a lot of tramping around.

Near the end of our tour we were able to climb up to overlook one of the snouts of the Vatnajökull glacier in the Skaftafell National Park. There was some sort of small visitor centre built like a cabin with a porch and with a sofa under the porch. We were returning from our hike kitted out with walking boots, waterproofs and rucksacks when I noticed two very fat men sitting on the sofa. As we passed I heard one fat American say to the other:
"That's the trouble with these holidays. All you do is sit and eat."