Forum Rules

OK. If you have seen Pirates of the Caribbean you will know that the Pirate Code is more like Guidelines.

Here are a few guidelines for using this forum:

  • Don't be rude about other members.

  • Don't swear excessively. The odd bloody and bugger is OK but it really doesn't add anything useful to have streams of invective all the time.

  • Don't libel anyone. This is a private forum but you can still get yourself in serious trouble just for voicing an opinion in this country. Calling someone a liar is an extreemly dangerous thing to do under any circumstances. Don't do it.

  • In general it is better to put content directly into a post than to attach a document. It makes it more visible and easier for everyone to access.

  • If you feel that you really need to attach a document it is better to attach a PDF document rather than say a Word document. Not everyone has Word or possibly not a compatible version.